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The Juror Hangs

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About Catherine Mambretti's
The Juror Hangs

Librarian Miss T. Iris Ginge would rather look things up than hunt down a killer. She's also very reasonable. When Iris has reasonable doubts of a socialite's guilt, she becomes the lone holdout against 11 men on the jury. The jury hangs. It's no-justice-as-usual in Chicago's Cook County Criminal Courthouse. 
The killer's still "out there" -- out to get Iris.
The press blames Iris for the mistrial. Editorials accuse her of selling her vote. A one-armed male juror is found hung in his suburban garage. Iris tries to take refuge in the library stacks, but she's tracked down by the irritating meter-maid who issued her Hudson a parking ticket in front of the courthouse, Calamity McClurg. Then the P.I. wannabe makes Iris an offer she can't refuse: "Let me help you catch the killer before she kills you."

About the author: 

Catherine Mambretti's Chalk Ghost is Co-Winner of the  2009 Grand Prize. Her short-story collection, The Evil That Men Do, was the top mystery download at Smashwords in the first half of this year (it's also now available from Amazon). 

 The Juror Hangs

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The Juror Hangs: "Courtroom Drama Novel Wrapped in a Mystery..."

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The Juror Hangs
"Courtroom drama meets cozy mystery"

On April Fools Day, 1952, the cops discover wealthy Cuban Maria Alvarez drenched in her elderly husband's blood. Her trial becomes the hottest circus-ticket in Chicago.

But, in 1952, judges in Chicago's infamous Cook County Criminal Courthouse rarely select women to serve on "a jury of her peers." So, naturally the press buzzes when Hanging Judge Hoolihan selects a lady juror for the "Cuban Black Widow Trial" -- Miss T. Iris Ginge, a librarian with a photographic memory (or so she claims).

When Iris refuses to convict and the jury hangs, the press and everyone else -- even the defendant -- turn on her. She's accused of taking a bribe, threatened, stalked, and finally hit with a long-suppressed memory: when she was just 8 years old, her cop father was convicted of corruption in the very same courtroom and then killed in a barrage of bullets escaping from Cook County Jail. After that painful memory, Iris has no choice but to follow the breadcrumbs where they lead -- into a Grimm's fairytale of memories, where fathers betray daughters and daughters seek revenge.

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 Praise for Catherine Mambretti's Other Mysteries

"This collection of short stories (The Evil That Men Do) is so remarkably good that, frankly, I was surprised to find it available as an e-book. In its taut, elegant professionalism and sheer entertainment value, it deserves a publishing award. In particular, the story "At The Foot" is as creepy as le Fanu at his best, but better written than le Fanu. Its last line twist is the spookiest thing I've read in years. I wish I could write as well as Ms. Mambretti, and I speak as the holder of a PhD in creative writing! Why haven't we heard more about this lady's work?" (Nigel Robinson, Ph.D.)
"This is one author whose historicals are well researched so you can image my delight when I discovered this eBook Gem. The lyrical prose transposes the reader to places and eras that will be remembered long after you turn off your Kindle  .. . superb . . . ." (S.D. Tooley, author of The Skull) 

"'Dead of Winter' . . .a best detective story of the year" (Mike Grost, " Guide to Classic Mystery and Detection")

The Evil That Men Do
ISBN 978-0-9821549-1-5(approx. 150 ebook pages)
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Chalk Ghost
TextNovel Grand Prize Co-Winner, 2009
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The Juror Hangs: "Not too cozy; not too noir; but just right for mystery and courtroom-drama lovers!" 

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